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The work of the smart city is not liked by the anti-social elements; A criminal complaint will be filed. The work of the smart city is not liked by the anti-social elements; criminal charges will be filedMEERI News

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Jabalpur44 minutes ago

These days the things done by Smart City in Jabalpur are under eclipse. Just like the smart city of Jabalpur completes every work. A few days later, the incidents of vandalism and theft come to the fore. The same case has happened now when the Golbazar smart road, which is being built at a cost of 44 crores, has been dug up at various places by anti-social elements. After which the road is damaged. Because of which the dampers started coming out.

The same Smart City CEO Nidhi Singh Rajput says that under the Smart City face-to-face project, construction work is being carried out on the main road and all connecting roads around Golbazar area of ​​Martyrs Memorial. Where the roads were dug up by unknown anti-social elements in the past. For which a criminal case will now be conducted against anti-social elements.

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This is not the first time this has happened to Jabalpur Smart City and Municipal Corporation. And before this, LED lamps placed on pedestrian paths and non-motorized paths were also vandalized. Thieves have also been caught on camera stealing bicycles parked at the Hexi project Smart City stand. Expensive types of flowers planted on the side of the footpath and pillars planted to protect the Lakshmi Vatika were also broken.

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According to information, the Gol Bazar Smart Road is being constructed at a cost of 44 crores. In which 9 connections are built. Road construction works are taking place in the 3-kilometer circle of Golbazar. In which smart city is building underground electrification, footpath, border wall.

However, it is now to be seen how strictly the Municipal Corporation and Smart City handle the complaints against the anti-social elements and maintain the projects including their roads.

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