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Transgender people sell tea here, the country’s first trans tea stall has opened at this railway station. Trance Tea Stall at Guwahati Railway Station Twitter Ashwini VaishnavMEERI News

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This is considered a major initiative to empower the transgender community.

Transgender people sell tea here, the country's first trans tea stall opened at this railway station

Trance Tea Stand

Image Credit Source: Twitter (@AshwiniVaishnaw)

at the national level railway stations but you have so far a tea stall But you must have seen men selling tea. but now Guwahati Railway Station But you should see something new. Trance Tea Stand, Yes, now you will see transgenders selling tea here. In fact transgenders Several steps are being taken continuously to strengthen the community. Indian Railways has also taken a big initiative in this regard. In a bid to bring the transgender community into the mainstream, a first-of-its-kind tea stall has been started by the North Eastern Railway Border.

This tea stall is built on the platform of Guwahati railway station where transgenders will now be seen selling tea. Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav also shared the pictures of this tea stall on Twitter and described it as India’s first trans tea on a railway platform. According to reports, this tea stall opened on March 10, which will be run entirely by transgenders.

“Pillar of empowerment of the transgender community”

Earlier, through a tweet on behalf of North Eastern Railway, it was announced that for the first time in Indian Railways, a tea stall has been opened at platform 1 of Guwahati railway station, which will be operated by transgenders only. A testament to the call of ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’, this stand will be a pillar of empowerment for the transgender community.

This is considered a major initiative for transgender empowerment. According to information, more such stalls will be opened at other railway stations as well, so that the transgender community can live their lives with pride.


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