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Used to sell for 5 hundred rupees; The police sent the girl and her partner to jail. Used to sell for 5 hundred rupees; The police sent the girl and her partner to jailMEERI News

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Jabalpur39 minutes ago

The police arrested a girl for master’s degree while selling drug injections. The police also arrested the boy, co-accused with the girl. From whom the injections for narcotics were collected. The MBA girl is a resident of Adarsh ​​Colony under Kotwali Police Station in Jabalpur. Who has been in the business of selling narcotic injections walking around for the past few days. According to the police, the girl was selling injecting drugs for 500 rubles.

The police received information from the informant that a girl and a boy were trying to sell drug injections. On the basis of which the police conducted a siege and arrested the two. Where injections are recovered from both. The price of which is said to be around two thousand rupees.

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Kotwali police station in-charge Anil Gupta said both were arrested and subjected to rigorous questioning after which they both admitted that they had been roaming the city for a long time selling drug injections for 500 rupees.

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The accomplice of the girl involved in the drug-injection business is a habitual criminal and fraudster from Sudha. Even before this many cases were registered against him in Kotwali police station. The accused caught with the girl is said to be her childhood companion. But the police arrested both of them and sent them to prison.

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