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What is bone pulp and how does it work in the human body?MEERI News

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The bones of both animals and humans have pulp, by the way, the functions of other organs of humans and animals are also the same, for example, the heart of animals also pumps blood, the kidney cleans the blood, the kidney produces various chemicals It keeps the oxygen content maintains the lungs, supplies oxygen to the blood, etc.

But today we are talking about bone pulp or tube that we like to eat by putting it in nihari or biryani.

Bone pulp is a soft cell tissue, an organized mixture of cells, and is the site of blood cell production in animals and birds.

Bone marrow contains several types of cells, the most important of which are stem cells.

In an adult, bone marrow is most commonly found in the spine, sternum, or lower body.

It accounts for 5% of the total weight of the human body, about 500 billion cells are formed in the bone marrow every day.

There are two types of bone pulp, red and yellow, the red pulp makes blood cells and the yellow pulp makes fat cells.

When you are young, your body has more red pulp, and as you age, the yellow pulp increases.

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