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What is the real secret of the Misha Shafi case? Discovered by Ali ZafarMEERI News

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Karachi: Famous Pakistani singer Ali Zafar revealed the real secret of Misha Shafi case.

Recently, the singer appeared on Express TV’s Talk Talk Show where he spoke to host Hasan Chaudhry about his conflict with Misha Shafi.

When asked by Hasan Chaudhry regarding Meesha Shafi case, Ali Zafar revealed that he got a big project from a big multinational company which was given to him instead of another artist and he did it.

Ali Zafar said that since he was offered a large amount of money for this project, he accepted the offer and became a part of the project, but immediately after that he started receiving direct threats that he would reject this project or the result would not be good.

Ali Zafar said that instead of being threatened, he decided to continue working on the project without fear, after which it was seen that fake social media profiles were created in his name and dirty things about him started spreading. Done.

Ali Zafar said that a tweet made a day before the shooting of this project changed his life

The singer said I have filed a defamation case for justice which is still going on after 5 years but the lady (Misha Shafi) is not appearing even though she is in Pakistan for cross-examination, she says to be cross-examined from Canada on video link, but still.No. is present.

Ali Zafar expressed his regret about the judicial system of Pakistan and said that he hopes for justice through the court.

Speaking about the losses after the dispute, he said: “My losses cannot be described in words. I have lost contracts worth crores, they are all documented.”

Talking about his difficult time, Ali said that I endured so much hardship that now nothing is difficult for me. I stayed at home for two or three years, but I thanked my Allah for that too. After this I value my relationships more than ever. .

It should be recalled that Ali Zafar was accused of sexual harassment by colleague Misha Shafi, after which Ali filed a defamation suit against the singer, the decision of which is still pending.

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