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What was the need for a confidence vote when the Hon’s government has an absolute majority? Know why the vote was rejected. MEERI News

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The Punjab Governor’s cancellation of the special meeting called on the Punjab government’s confidence motion has sparked politics. The Aam Aadmi Party has accused the Governor of meeting with the BJP in Operation Lotus. Along with this, News18 spoke to the Additional Solicitor General of the Government of India, Satyapal Jain, on whose advice this meeting has been canceled by the Punjab Governor. During a conversation with News18, Satyapal Malik has told that under which aspects the Bhagwant Maan government of Punjab cannot convene a meeting.

He said that in the approval letter for convening a special session from the Punjab Governor, it was written by the Bhagwant Mann government that the session was asked to discuss only on obtaining the vote of confidence and no other discussion would take place. A general session was called by the Governor on this. But a constitutional issue was raised by the leaders of opposition parties Pratap Singh Bajwa, Sukhpal Singh Khaira, BJP and former Speaker Birdwinder Singh. It said that the no-confidence motion can be found in the constitution but is there also a confidence motion, on which legal opinion was sought from him and he gave his opinion to the governor.

  • He said that any Chief Minister has to get a vote of confidence, when there are three situations in which a government is formed and it is not sure whether the government will be formed or not, then the governor gives a few days time and the vote of confidence has to be presented. .
  • In the second case, if the government is formed with a majority and after some time the MLAs are leaving the party or withdrawing their support, then a vote has to be submitted.
  • In the third situation, when the opposition party wants to move a no-confidence motion against the government and it is given to the governor in writing, then the governor can ask for the motion of confidence. He said that in the above three situations, the governor has the right to move the motion of confidence. to instruct The government itself has no such provision to move a confidence vote.

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