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Why did the Chief Election Commissioner say that “we always give the test of fire”? , Election Commission gives agni pariksha every time after every election says Rajeev kumarMEERI News

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Election News: When asked about the possible date of Karnataka elections, Rajeev Kumar said that they should be held before May 24, when the term of the current assembly ends.

Chief Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar

Image Credit Source: PTI

election committee there is Karnataka Preparations have begun for holding the assembly elections in Can the people of Karnataka trust the Election Commission to conduct free and fair elections? Responding to this question, Chief Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar said that though people have confidence in the election results, the Election Commission faces a “fire test” every time after every election. Kumar said that the results are accepted after the elections and the change of government happens every time through a ballot paper.

Rajeev Kumar said, “For the last 70 years India has been solving its social, cultural, political, geographical, economic and linguistic issues in a peaceful manner and through dialogue which is possible only because people have confidence in the election results. However, AGO gives ‘Agni Pariksha’ every time after every election.”

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Rajiv Kumar said the Election Commission recently completed its 400th state assembly elections with elections held in Tripura, Meghalaya and Nagaland. The commission has conducted 17 parliamentary elections and 16 presidential and vice-presidential elections.

Elections may be held in Karnataka in early May

Speaking about the Karnataka assembly elections, Rajeev Kumar said that in a state with 224 constituencies, 36 seats are reserved for scheduled castes and 15 for scheduled tribes. He said there are 5.21 crore voters out of which 2.59 are women voters. The CEC is in Karnataka with its team on a three-day tour to check preparations for the assembly elections. The term of the 225-member Karnataka Assembly ends on May 24. Elections are expected to be held in Karnataka in early May.

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Voters over 80 will vote from home

The commission said it has started voting from home for persons above 80 years of age and persons with disabilities in the upcoming assembly elections in Karnataka. Rajiv Kumar said that for the first time the Election Commission will provide this facility to persons above 80 years of age. He said, our team will go to such voters with form-12D. However, we encourage people over 80 and those who have not taken advantage of this opportunity to come to the polling station.


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